Build a career in Maritime Engineering

| March 6, 2016

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With 80% of the world covered in ocean, it makes sense that you can take your career in maritime engineering anywhere in the world. From boat building and oil rig design to infrastructure maintenance and innovation, specialists in maritime engineering are crucial to keeping our society moving.


Newport Corporation

Newport Corporation (NASDAQ: NEWP) is a globally recognized leader in advanced technology products and solutions for fields such as Research, Life & Health Sciences, Aerospace & Defense, Industrial Manufacturing, Microelectronics, and Photovoltaics.


The Basics of Lean Construction Methods

Article | April 16, 2020

Most construction companies want to deliver the best possible results for their clients while expending the least possible resources. Yet, the construction industry has traditionally been littered with waste and inefficiencies. Today, some of the most successful companies use lean construction philosophy to guide their operations. Companies that do regularly impress clients, maintain high morale and create high-quality structures.

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All you need to know about vehicle active sound design

Article | March 31, 2020

The growing electrification trend in the automotive industry is noticeably reshaping vehicle development. This new power train concept has a direct impact on other vehicle performance aspects and introduces new challenges. One of the main concerns that is even changing the legal framework on the international level is the acoustic characteristics of these vehicles. This is the moment when the rising technology called active sound design comes into play. This technology is based on generating artificial sound that is played back through the audio system to improve interior noise.

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Afraid of heights? Drones, AI and digitalization to the rescue!

Article | March 11, 2020

As 5G roll-outs continue to gather momentum worldwide, network complexity and site numbers will grow. Here’s a look at how drones, machine learning, and AI-powered solutions are helping to accelerate site deployment and roll-out while reducing health and safety hazards. When I started my career at Ericsson many years ago, one of the first responsibilities I had as an engineer was to perform site surveys for our customers. I quickly learned that this task is an important one when it comes to the roll-out of telecommunications networks.

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Going from hot and cold testing of engines to a robust end-of-line testing system for electrified vehicles

Article | February 21, 2020

The current trend of electrification in the automotive industry challenges not only the development teams, but also the production lines and quality testing. While the ICE (internal combustion engine) production rely on the well-established hot and cold testing of engines applying vibration and sound measurements; assembly of electrified vehicles requires new advanced end-of-line (EoL) testing methods and standards.

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