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GUEST BLOGGER | September 19, 2016

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Hundreds are expected to turn out for a panel session at the upcoming Organic & Non-GMO Forum that will address certified transitional, a new process spearheaded by Kellogg-owned Kashi in which a third party certification company monitors and approves farms that are transitioning from conventional to organic. The 2nd Annual Organic & Non-GMO Forum 2016, to be held November 14-15, 2016, at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis, is the only domestic conference of its kind, bringing together stakeholders across the organic and non-GMO value chain, from production to packaging.


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South Korea's leading construction company that took lead in the Korea's striking economical leap after Korean war.


Sustainable Construction and its Role in Making a Better Modern World

Article | March 12, 2020

Green and sustainable – these have become the main objectives of most construction projects being made today. And why not when they offer a lot of benefits not just to the environment but to the building owner and occupants too. When we hear of sustainability, the first context that comes to mind is that of the environment. But since the EIA U.S. Energy Information Administration reports that almost 50% of CO2 is emitted by buildings, it’s about time sustainability is spoken widely also in the context of architecture.

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Increase Construction Productivity with Mobile Time Tracking Apps

Article | February 24, 2020

Since the 1950’s, United States agricultural and manufacturing industries have increased their productivity rates by 1,000%. In stark contrast, productivity rates for the U.S. construction industry haven’t increased at all. Thanks to the rise of construction-technology, there are less obvious and less expensive ways to become more efficient. And they don’t involve completely changing the way you build. Instead, they use mobile apps to speed up or automate time-consuming administrative tasks. So you, your employees and your subs can spend less time on “busy work” and more time on the work that moves your projects forward.

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Managing BIM in Architecture

Article | April 5, 2020

Managing BIM in one of Norway’s leading architectural offices is no easy task. This week’s interview is with Margarida Barbosa, BIM Manager at A-lab Architects in Oslo, Norway. Margarida has a PhD from the Technical University of Lisbon which focussed on As-Built Building Information Modelling workflows and, since completing her PhD, Margarida has worked mainly in Oslo, but also Dallas Texas with Beck Group – an experience which we talk about in the show.

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6 Construction Tech Trends in 2020

Article | February 12, 2020

Innovation is increasing as shown by advancements brought about by technology, according to an article in Reading Eagle. For example, drones and 3D printing are now more prevalent than before, and may be further embraced by the construction industry in 2020. The design-build approach, or Integrated Project Delivery, provides a means for clients to contract a sole entity to compose, plan, and construct a project. Streamlining the process results in faster project delivery timelines and lower costs.

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