Autonomy, 48-volt powertrains amp up electrical system complexity

| September 11, 2017

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You know how frustrating it is when you press a button or turn a knob in your car and something doesn't work as it should or doesn't work at all. As we move into the era of self-driving vehicles -- many of which will have a 48-volt system in the powertrain -- electrical failures can't happen. A camera, radar or lidar unit that functions intermittently or stops functioning could cause a fatal accident, and a short-circuit in the battery pack or electric motor in an electric vehicle can start a fire.


Engineering Design Technologies, Inc.

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The Future of Construction from a Leader in SLAM-Based Laser Scanning

Article | February 10, 2020

Since the early days of the personal computer the construction industry has been slow to adopt digital technology. As a result, increases in construction productivity have lagged virtually every other major industry, such as automotive and aircraft manufacturing. It’s true that every construction project is different, unlike automobiles and planes, but we can do more to improve the future of construction.

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Why a Digital Twin Is the Best Way to Start a Building Project

Article | April 28, 2020

A digital twin is much more than just a 3D model of a building. It contains detailed information of all equipment and components, including their physical properties and cost. The model can also reflect the exact state of building elements, showing issues like mechanical wear. Digital twins can also be used as simulation tools, to analyze how a building would behave under different conditions.

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Alexandra Bolton on skills and education in transforming construction

Article | March 5, 2020

Securing the skills, training and education required to transform construction requires industry, government and academia to work together towards a shared goal. We need both capability and capacity in the work force and that in turn needs new skills, education and training to support change. While this brings challenge, it also brings unprecedented opportunity to deliver a modern construction sector that is fit for future purpose and equipped to deliver better services and outcomes to society. It is an opportunity we simply cannot afford to miss.

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How BIM helps general contractors win more business

Article | April 17, 2020

No industry in the world remains untouched by digital technology. For the architecture, engineering, and construction industry, this holds especially true. Technology is making vast improvements in the way general contractors plan and build projects, paving the way for a reimagined future. One technology in particular Building Information Modeling is leading the way. BIM is an intelligent, 3D model-based process that helps general contractors become more accurate and efficient.

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