Artificial Intelligence: The Future Of Construction

| September 23, 2019

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Artificial Intelligence is the field of Computer science that works on creating intelligent machines that can work and react like human beings. Artificial intelligence in Construction will play a significant role in improving productivity, quality, and safety.


Tensar International Corporation

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4 Ways to Curb Distracted Workers

Article | March 17, 2020

Earlier this month was National Day of Unplugging. Around the globe, people took a 24-hour detox from technology in order to connect more with the people around them. Naturally, the challenge took place from Friday night to Saturday night, because most people are unable to unplug at work. Or are they? We tend to think of the work environment as somewhere where technology is good. We need it in order to get our jobs done. The average office worker will spend almost 1,700 hours a year in front of a computer screen-and office workers will spend an average of a whopping six and a half hours a day at their computer or laptop.

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Ensuring the security of engineering software

Article | February 28, 2020

Commercial organizations and government agencies are common targets of cyber-attacks due to the valuable information they possess. In one dramatic example, information related to the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, P-8 Poseidon patrol plane, C-130 Hercules cargo plane, Joint Direct Attack Munition bomb, and future Australian Navy ships was ex filtrated from an Australian defense firm in November of 2016. The increased frequency and severe consequences of cyber-security breaches have alarmed large corporations around the world. As a result, companies are taking greater measures to secure their information throughout their supply chains.

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Thoughts on Security Engineering - How to Secure Systems in Real World

Article | April 27, 2020

Software Engineering is about building systems that behave the way it is meant to. Security Engineering on the other hand, is about ensuring a given system DO NOT behave in a way it is not meant to. Consider the example of a Adobe Reader - A software which is meant to process and visualize the contents of a PDF Document.

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Influencing the debate around climate change and CO2?

Article | March 16, 2020

As the world’s population wakes up to the significant risks and challenges created by climate change I am rightly challenged over what actions ICE has taken to tackle the issue and lead the debate. I promised last time I wrote that I would focus this installment on that very issue. However, I think it is important to highlight why ICE’s position and more broadly the position of civil engineers around the world is so important.

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