AI Requires Tailored DRAM Solutions

| April 6, 2020

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For over 30 years, DRAM has continuously adapted to the needs of each new wave of hardware spanning PCs, game consoles, mobile phones and cloud servers. AI/ML may be the biggest challenge yet. Artificial intelligence is the study and application of providing hardware and software that attempt to emulate human intelligence. Therefore, as human beings adapt to different tasks, AI must adapt. Indeed, if AI is to scale to the diversity of human tasks, it will not be via a single, monolithic solution. For every task a human can perform, AI must adapt through a unique combination of hardware and software components.


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Impact of BIM on construction management industry

Article | February 28, 2020

The construction industry is one of the fastest-growing industries as the skyscrapers are more in demand. The value of the real estate is increasing which is the reason construction companies are now working on designs that are eco-friendly, cover less space yet provide more facilities within an affordable price range. For catering to all these needs, very precise planning is required that can cut the price yet make the structure more appealing. For making all this possible, it is very important to have a proper management system. With the use of technology and by incorporating the betterment management, now things are becoming easier.

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4 Ways to Avoid Big Construction Management Projects Mistakes

Article | April 1, 2020

Construction mistakes are a common occurrence and as expensive as a construction project is, any mistakes during the project can prove to be equally costly for the company. Moreover, when it comes to big projects, the last thing a contractor wants to deal with are extra costs. Construction mistakes force the contractor to add the repair and maintenance cost to the construction budget.

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On Engineering in Crisis: Choosing Gratitude

Article | April 29, 2020

It is important to find a balance right now and keep yourself surrounded by people you love, your family and friends. Stress is bound to happen during these extraordinary times. Meditation and connecting with yourself would help reduce any anxiety or panic that the mind creates. I am grateful that I am safe and healthy surrounded with my family, and I am thankful for having the gifts of life. It is up to us, to be grateful or be stressed. I treat this time as a luxury, time that I would have never gotten in my hustling life. I am trying to tick all the items in my to-do checklist that I have been postponing due to lack of time.

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Using Technology to Break Down Silos in Construction

Article | February 25, 2020

For those of us who have worked in the construction industry for many years, it is time we face up to an ugly reality... Our industry has always had a love affair with silos. Silos are endemic in the construction industry. The silos I’m referencing don’t hold grain. Instead, they represent the multiple subgroups assembled to complete a project. Most of us know this is not a good thing and deep down, we wish it wasn’t true. But, the ugly reality of our business is this - construction breeds and nurtures silos.

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