AECOM to Support Multiple Highway Improvement Projects in England

| January 31, 2017

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AECOM has secured five contracts worth a combined $31 million to provide multidisciplinary services in support of various road modernization projects across England, Surveyor Transport Network reported Monday.


Genomic Health

Genomic Health, Inc. (NASDAQ: GHDX) is the world's leading provider of genomic-based diagnostic tests that address both the overtreatment and optimal treatment of early-stage cancer, one of the greatest issues in healthcare today.


8 Tips for Remote Work in Construction

Article | March 31, 2020

In recent weeks, construction professionals around the world find themselves having to navigate a new type of jobsite. The sound of heavy machinery has been replaced with a distracting stream of laughs, cries, and even barks from new coworkers, and WFH outfits have temporarily replaced tried and trusted PPE. Whether your new workspace is a dedicated home office or the corner of a couch, we are united in trying to overcome the challenges of working from home – together.

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Article | February 13, 2020

Oftentimes, our social media video marketing efforts are weighed down by our own customers for the lack of thoughtful stories that can touch upon them. These are like run-of-the-mill, telling everything that the target viewers are least interested in knowing. And the heavy budgets we utilize to create a ‘so called’ powerful video is usually downcast as a no-brainer. There does exist a gap between what we do and what is expected of us. Whether it is B2B video marketing or B2C video marketing, the underlying objective of filling the gap remains the same.

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Construction safety management technology trends

Article | February 19, 2020

For construction managers, one of their most important responsibilities is safety. No construction manager wants to see any of their employees hurt, and injuries can lead to project delays and increased costs. Fortunately, there are a number of tools available to assist with keeping construction sites safe. Trends in construction safety management may change from year to year, but often focus on proper training and the use of new technologies.

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QR Codes in Construction: How Do They Help?

Article | March 24, 2020

In the construction and architecture industry, mistakes cannot be made. Construction companies and owners end up taking the fall if and when mistakes are made. Building materials and assets in a construction site are typically high-priced and sometimes, even unprocurable if exported from a different country. The construction industry presents various difficulties and contingencies, usually associated with procurement of documents, drawings, assets, and safety protocols to be followed.

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