Advice for New Geotechnical Engineers

| September 16, 2017

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All the information provided in the video is shared by Charles Winter. He has been a geotechnical engineer for 20 years. Here are the some of the perspective for recent college graduates embarking their first job as a geotechnical engineer.



ISG has a rich history, that extends over 40 years, of building trusting relationships with clients, stakeholders, and the community. As a multi-disciplinary firm that is 100% owned by employees, ISG serves numerous markets


Using simulation to build tomorrow’s electrified heavy equipment

Article | February 27, 2020

Competition among established OEMs and start-ups is at a fever pitch as the race to design and develop a fully electric vehicle that meets both customer and regulatory demands continues. The heavy equipment industry, from agricultural to construction, are in the same position. Stringent regulations to reduce or remove pollutant levels and emissions, and customer demand for lower total cost of ownership and customization are causing a shift to bring electrified heavy equipment to market.

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EDM set to lead skills development in new £10 million digital engineering centre

Article | February 11, 2020

UWE Bristol will play a central role in a new £10 million digital engineering centre for the region. The Centre for Digital Engineering Technology & Innovation is a research, innovation and skills initiative created to develop and accelerate digital engineering across multiple industry sectors, to ultimately benefit future generations of engineers and engineering products, and to help tackle global challenges.

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Five automated processes for more efficiency in precast project delivery

Article | May 26, 2021

Construction projects are currently facing numerous challenges: increasing time pressure, changes at short notice, cost efficiency, rising complexity, higher demands on architectural design and a larger number of participants characterize precast design today.

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8 Tips for Remote Work in Construction

Article | March 31, 2020

In recent weeks, construction professionals around the world find themselves having to navigate a new type of jobsite. The sound of heavy machinery has been replaced with a distracting stream of laughs, cries, and even barks from new coworkers, and WFH outfits have temporarily replaced tried and trusted PPE. Whether your new workspace is a dedicated home office or the corner of a couch, we are united in trying to overcome the challenges of working from home – together.

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