Adaptive Robotics Lab at Colorado State University

| March 5, 2019

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The Adaptive Robotics Lab in Colorado State University's Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering is working to develop shape-morphing robots that can change their mechanical structure on the fly. These robots could have potential applications in tasks such as search-and-rescue operations or environmental monitoring.


Columbia Engineering

A unique educational opportunity, Columbia University's Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science offers programs to both undergraduate


The Hidden Savings of Engineering Value

Article | March 12, 2020

The so-called bottom line is an unavoidable, monolithic reality of the construction industry, and it is something we’ve seen happening with some of our window shade competitors. However, a formulaic race to the bottom can have dramatically negative effects on the true cost of a solar control project. General contractors starting out a project with a pre-formulated spreadsheet is a common mistake.

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Improve Office & Field Teamwork To Reduce Payment Problems

Article | February 26, 2020

Pretty much everyone working in construction faces payment problems. In many cases, problematic communication is the main factor behind any payment issues. The link between field and office teams is critical to every phase of a construction project, from bidding to payment. Better office and field teamwork can improve project outcomes and solve payment problems.

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Financial Engineering: How To Make SAP Shareholders Happy

Article | February 10, 2020

SAP is tweaking and twisting everything it can to make everybody happy. The efforts of Mucic, Morgan and Klein are remarkable. The three musketeers strike again: SAP co-CEOs Jennifer Morgan and Christian Klein as well as CFO Luka Mucic want to make everyone in the SAP community happy, and they want to make everyone happy all at once. To make that happen, they are moving large sums of money around – only through legal, albeit a little questionable, methods, primarily financial engineering.

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Pulumi 2.0 Delivers Cloud Engineering Superpowers to Developers

Article | April 21, 2020

Cloud Infrastructure and Engineering Leader, Pulumi announced version 2.0 of its platform. The new version comes equipped with policy, testing, and architecture as code to infrastructure provisioning. The users are calling these updates as superpowers that the company has added to the platform. The new capabilities of Pulumi 2.0 enable developers to accelerate application delivery and infrastructure to any private, public, or hybrid cloud with increased confidence and built-in governance.

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