A Quick Glance at Engineering Jobs in 2019

You jing ng | May 6, 2019

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The reason why people choose to work in the engineering field is to solve the biggest impact of our problems in the world such as creating clean energy or detecting cancer. As an engineer, everyone is striving to change the world with inventions and solutions that affect human lives.


Maintenance & Inspection Services, Inc.

Maintenance & Inspection Services (MIS) is a leading global Non Destructive Testing (NDT) inspection and QA services firm headquartered in Morganton, North Carolina.


Where we are now: reflecting on 5 years of State of the Nation

Article | June 16, 2021

The UK has undergone five years of unprecedented change while facing up to long-term challenges, such as reducing regional inequalities and mitigating the impact of climate change. Over that period, ICE’s annual State of the Nation reports have set out a range of policy interventions aimed at ensuring the UK has the high-performing infrastructure needed to meet those challenges. Each report has focused on major cross-cutting infrastructure issues, including devolution and reaching net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.

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CAD Web Viewing and Augmented Reality FREE TO ALL!

Article | April 1, 2020

Siemens DI SW offers the possibility to upload up to 5 GB of CAD data in various formats found on our CAD File Sharing Portal. 3D CAD formats NX, Solid Edge, STEP, ProE, SolidWorks, Inventor, Neutral 3D formats JT, Iges, Step, VRML, Parasolid, STL, 2D formats Solid Edge and DWG, This data can be viewed online directly in the browser where sharing content with other users is also possible. The result is a simple collaboration platform that is free of charge.

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15 sites in the frame to become home to the UK’s prototype fusion energy plant

Article | May 15, 2021

The UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) has revealed the long list of sites under consideration for development of the UK’s prototype fusion energy plant.An open call for sites to host the Spherical Tokomak for Energy Production (Step) facility was opened last year and compliance check of those nominated has led to publication of the long list. According to the UKAEA, moving fusion from research and development to design and delivery is an important part of the UK’s ambition to be a world leader in sustainable, low-carbon energy. Fusion has the potential to provide an abundant source of low-carbon energy by copying the processes that power the sun and stars. UKAEA has said that this new technology will play an important role alongside established renewable technologies such as wind and solar.Step programme director Paul Methven said: “STEP is about building on the amazing science done over decades in fusion and translating that into a real prototype power plant that paves the way for this fantastic new energy source.

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On Engineering in Crisis: Choosing Gratitude

Article | April 29, 2020

It is important to find a balance right now and keep yourself surrounded by people you love, your family and friends. Stress is bound to happen during these extraordinary times. Meditation and connecting with yourself would help reduce any anxiety or panic that the mind creates. I am grateful that I am safe and healthy surrounded with my family, and I am thankful for having the gifts of life. It is up to us, to be grateful or be stressed. I treat this time as a luxury, time that I would have never gotten in my hustling life. I am trying to tick all the items in my to-do checklist that I have been postponing due to lack of time.

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