5 Ways CAD Will Aid Construction in 2018 and Beyond

| November 17, 2017

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During the 1960s, organizations such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology began developing the first computer-aided design software for internal use. Within a decade, CAD programs entered the mainstream, as IBM and other technology giants installed this software onto solid-state computers that were available to rent for thousands per month.



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How BIM helps general contractors win more business

Article | April 17, 2020

No industry in the world remains untouched by digital technology. For the architecture, engineering, and construction industry, this holds especially true. Technology is making vast improvements in the way general contractors plan and build projects, paving the way for a reimagined future. One technology in particular Building Information Modeling is leading the way. BIM is an intelligent, 3D model-based process that helps general contractors become more accurate and efficient.

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Impact of BIM on construction management industry

Article | February 28, 2020

The construction industry is one of the fastest-growing industries as the skyscrapers are more in demand. The value of the real estate is increasing which is the reason construction companies are now working on designs that are eco-friendly, cover less space yet provide more facilities within an affordable price range. For catering to all these needs, very precise planning is required that can cut the price yet make the structure more appealing. For making all this possible, it is very important to have a proper management system. With the use of technology and by incorporating the betterment management, now things are becoming easier.

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Increase Construction Productivity with Mobile Time Tracking Apps

Article | February 24, 2020

Since the 1950’s, United States agricultural and manufacturing industries have increased their productivity rates by 1,000%. In stark contrast, productivity rates for the U.S. construction industry haven’t increased at all. Thanks to the rise of construction-technology, there are less obvious and less expensive ways to become more efficient. And they don’t involve completely changing the way you build. Instead, they use mobile apps to speed up or automate time-consuming administrative tasks. So you, your employees and your subs can spend less time on “busy work” and more time on the work that moves your projects forward.

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Digital twin created for groundbreaking bridge with Allplan Bridge

Article | May 12, 2021

The Ottendorf Viaduct on the Riesa-Chemnitz railway line stood for over 160 years until it could no longer be saved and had to be replaced in 2015. The new replacement structure built at that time was a first for Deutsche Bahn: For the first time in its history, it built a bridge with a frame-stiffened arch structure. Although 3D models were used to some extent in the planning of the structure, the BIM method was not applied, so that no digital twin of the bridge is available for future (maintenance) work.

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