3 Secrets to Serving Up Restaurant Construction Success from a Top Restaurant Contractor

Chuck taylor | November 2, 2018

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Earlier this month, the Englewood Construction team was honored to be recognized as one of the Best Restaurant Contractors in Chicago by Chicago Architects. Given how much restaurant work we do and how important those clients – from national restaurant chains and food service groups to independent eateries – are to our business, it was rewarding to be called out for being among the best in our field.


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Testing Cloud application stability using the principles of Chaos Engineering

Article | February 24, 2020

Across the business landscape, we’re seeing a wholesale movement of services to the Cloud as companies wake up to the benefits of capacity and flexibility that accompany such a shift away from hosting systems on servers. While there are clear advantages to migrating to the cloud, there are challenges too – such as layers of added complexity. Testing these cloud-based systems to make sure they stand up under duress is important, but the heightened complexity of these environments means that the role of Quality Assurance has had to evolve accordingly.

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Digital Connectivity and AI Transforming Engineering Services and Economic Outcomes

Article | March 6, 2020

Because the business landscape is subject to constant change, many organizations choose to focus their time and energy on core operations and outsource electrical infrastructure support to firms offering specialized engineering and maintenance services. Partnering with the right service provider can be transformative to a business’s bottom line.

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Celebrating Women in Construction – Engineering Equality

Article | March 3, 2020

For over a century, International Women’s Day has been celebrated every year on 8th March. The first IWD gathering in 1911 was supported by over a million people and it has grown year on year, applauding the social, economic and political achievements of women and marking a continuing call to action for accelerating gender equality. This year’s theme is Each for Equal, highlighting the message that an equal world is an enabled world. One area of focus within this theme is creating inclusive workplaces where women can thrive. Nowhere is this drive more important than within the construction industry.

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Why women in STEM matter

Article | April 3, 2020

Despite intention, words affect people in numerous ways. Linguistic mindfulness is as applicable to the sciences as it is to the humanities. While many critique the scientific community’s diligence as political correctness, the ultimate goal of using precise diction is to reflect our meaning accurately to the entirety of an audience.

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