3 Important Things A Chatbot Can’t Do

| August 8, 2018

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As brands continue to focus on improving the customer experience, incorporating automation into customer interactions is becoming more and more important. Your customers’ time is valuable and they want you to recognize this fact and deploy technologies that put time back into their day.


R&W Civil Engineering

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The 2020 Guide to Construction Project Management Software

Article | February 27, 2020

According to Deloitte’s 2020 Engineering and Construction Industry Outlook, rising operating costs and labor shortages will require construction companies to devise new partnership models and project structures to remain competitive this year. Construction-focused project management software is the simplest solution for managing multiple, complex projects while maximizing efficiency and monitoring processes to prevent conflicts.

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All you need to know about vehicle active sound design

Article | March 31, 2020

The growing electrification trend in the automotive industry is noticeably reshaping vehicle development. This new power train concept has a direct impact on other vehicle performance aspects and introduces new challenges. One of the main concerns that is even changing the legal framework on the international level is the acoustic characteristics of these vehicles. This is the moment when the rising technology called active sound design comes into play. This technology is based on generating artificial sound that is played back through the audio system to improve interior noise.

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Financial Engineering: How To Make SAP Shareholders Happy

Article | February 10, 2020

SAP is tweaking and twisting everything it can to make everybody happy. The efforts of Mucic, Morgan and Klein are remarkable. The three musketeers strike again: SAP co-CEOs Jennifer Morgan and Christian Klein as well as CFO Luka Mucic want to make everyone in the SAP community happy, and they want to make everyone happy all at once. To make that happen, they are moving large sums of money around – only through legal, albeit a little questionable, methods, primarily financial engineering.

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How COVID-19 Is Affecting Construction Bidding & Jobsite Activity

Article | April 3, 2020

It’s been 12 23 days since the World Health Organization proclaimed the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic. In the U.S., as of March 23 April 3, there have been approximately 38,500 245,000 cases and over 400 6,000 deaths due to the virus. The situation is really starting to worsen as we’re seeing more states, counties, and cities choose to close nonessential businesses or issue some sort of stay at home or shelter in place orders. These include states like California, Connecticut, Delaware, Kentucky, Illinois, Louisiana, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania.

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