10 Ways To Improve Communication in Construction

| March 7, 2019

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Here are some tips from GenieBelt on how to ensure good communication on a construction site. Good communication is an essential component of success on construction projects, and it plays a decisive role in saving both time and money during the building process.



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BIM - A remarkable tool to organize Construction Industry

Article | February 12, 2020

BIM Services are the core of Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry professionals and these services enhance their working while designing and construction of the building. The inception of Building Information Modeling technology has notably changed the way of design development of a building project. In recent years, many architectural, engineering and construction firms have shifted to BIM from CAD.

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COVID-19 & Construction: You've Got to Take Care of Your Employees

Article | April 12, 2020

Tom, we’ve known you for many years while you were the CTO of EllisDon, one of Canada’s largest general contractors. Now you’re the President and CEO of CanBIM, a non-profit focused on construction technology in Canada, probably the largest organization like that in Canada. And a founder of wired.construction https://www.wired.construction/, which you describe as being a CTO for hire. Can you tell us a bit more actually about wired.construction.

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4 Ways to Avoid Big Construction Management Projects Mistakes

Article | April 1, 2020

Construction mistakes are a common occurrence and as expensive as a construction project is, any mistakes during the project can prove to be equally costly for the company. Moreover, when it comes to big projects, the last thing a contractor wants to deal with are extra costs. Construction mistakes force the contractor to add the repair and maintenance cost to the construction budget.

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Why Design-Assist Should Be Used in Complex Projects

Article | March 13, 2020

Throughout history, construction has always followed the Design-Bid-Build delivery method. This straightforward, 3-step process first involves an owner hiring an architect to design a building, followed by a bidding process that results in a general contractor – typically the lowest bidder – being selected to build the project. Finally, the winning contractor takes the architect’s design drawings and begins construction.

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